L. R. Johnson
  L. R. Johnson is the founder and President of The Inspired Writers League – an active community writers group. She is leading an organization that is encouraging incredible talent in the areas of non-fiction/ fiction, children’s stories, screenwriting and music. When L. R. Johnson was a child she would live in a world of her imagination. Her teachers would have to put her in the front row of the class or she would drift off into a story she was creating. To overcome her shyness as a child, L.R. Johnson pursued acting and modeling and was chosen to participate in the International Modeling and Talent Association competition in New York City. At this event she won the top honor in “Dramatic Monologue” and later was chosen as one of 25 top models and was offered a role in a popular soap opera. Instead of accepting this offer, she decided to expand her life in a different direction and spent 18 months on a service mission where she learned how to work hard, love much and to appreciate everything around her. While studying Psychology in college she met her wonderful husband who has, for the past twenty years, given her her own true love story. After having two fabulous kids she chose to be a full-time mother, while still running a successful home day-care and putting her husband through Nursing school. L.R. Johnson still maintained her love for creating stories, even writing a novel while running a day-care and taking care of her family. Bringing to life her characters and giving them a voice is something that L.R. Johnson has a natural gift and talent for. She has finally been able to pursue her passion full-time of writing great love stories filled with adventure, dynamic characters, and brilliant surroundings. Her novels provide escape so many desire. She lives in California where she enjoys spending time with her family, going to antique stores and yard selling with her sister. She also loves spending time at the beach, feeling the sand between her toes.       
  “Stop,” I interrupt, not wanting to hear a frivolous apology, “What I do is no longer your concern.” A heavy sigh rolls off of me, “I come from trash. I have always known it, and now I know you believe it, too.” 

  "Turning my back on him I begin hastily walking away when suddenly I hear him softly utter my name. It rolls along the surface of the mist, slamming against my back, piercing into my core, revealing his internal pain. Ignoring his pleading call I continue to walk away from him, leaving all my hopes and dreams behind. My decision is made. I am leaving as soon as my classes are done."
"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE" Audrey Hepburn
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