"My Book Club read your Amazing 5 Star book, Never Forever this past weekend!! We are in our 30's & 40's and weren't quite sure if this book would be too young adult for us. Well, needless to say, we absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!! The way you write puts the reader in the story!!! Breanna & Callum's love story was so beautiful & evoked so many emotions throughout the book from beginning to end!..." Dawn D. "Such a unique, well-written story. I can't think of any other like it. So often you find copy cats, or you can tell where the author got their inspiration, but this is a genuinely unique story. You never really know where it's headed, so it makes for a fun journey. Colorful descriptions, and lots of emotional texture. I also really liked the ties at the end. A treasure of a read." Amazon customer HAWAII WAY Publishing
    "Collide is a very well written paranormal romance. The detailed descriptions were fantastic and drew me right into the story. The heroine Lauren's love interest Donovan is probably one of my favorite characters of the story and one of my favorite heroes in a romance. He was an extremely decent and kind character, which can be rare as I feel that sometimes the rough, Alpha male takes over in these stories. There is nothing wrong with that, but it was nice to see a change and I think it made the story that much more interesting... Also, the romance between Lauren and Donovan was spot on. Overall, I enjoyed the first book and I can't wait to continue the series in the second book Chrysalis." kIRA, Amazon review "Couldn't put this book down! So good. I can't wait to continue the story with the next book! Would definitely recommend it." Amazon customer
  3. CHRYSALIS: book 2 in COLLIDE series
    Book two in the COLLIDE series. COMING in 2018
  4. An Innocent Kiss
    England felt like a wool bathing suit to Olivia--itching in all the wrong places. Wanting a change she heads to Ireland for an adventure. While in Ireland Olivia gets more than she bargained for when she gives Liam, a handsome Irish stranger, a kiss. Because of their kiss and Olivia's feisty personality she's been innocently dragged into an Irish battle she's never understood. Liam's sense of family duty, his large size and strength has bound him to a fight he never wanted. Though he doesn't want it, he is not afraid to fight...and fight he is forced to do. He now has to run for his life while protecting Olivia at the same time.